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Chain Link Fencing

It is also known as Garden fencing. It is used to provide fencing across boundaries for security. It is mosty manufactured in Galvanised wire in any hight / length / width size. It Is also used in poultry farms.

Features :

  • ❱ Precisely Designed for fencing purposes.
  • ❱ Protect the area from the intrusion of wild animals.
  • ❱ High strength.
  • ❱ Anti-corrosive.
  • ❱ Highly rigid.
  • ❱ Chain link fencing is made in all sizes from 1.5 inch to 7 inch and in all size wires from 2mm to 5mm.
  • ❱ We also make PVC coated chain link fencing.
Chain Link Fencing - BW40

Chain Link Fencing - BW41

Chain Link Fencing - BW42

Chain Link Fencing - BW43


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