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Crimp Netting

It is used as protective barriers on machinery, door, windows etc. It is also used in heat treatment industries. It is manufactured in Galvanized wire as well as Stainless Steel.

Crimp Net is made in wave using the crimped metal wire. The two wires are positioned opposite to each other ensuring uniform opening. This net is ideally designed for vibrating screens and applications where sizing is critical like Wire Mesh for Mine and Stone Works, Coal Mine, Hardware Products Pig Breeding, Glass Factory, Petroleum, etc.

The Crimped Wire Mesh is accurate and consistent, available in square and rectangular shape. The opening varies from 0.31 "up to 4" with Wire Rods up to 4 mm. The wire rods are made up of Stainless Steel, Spring Steel, High Carbon High Tensile, G.I. & M. S. Wire etc. To meet the requirements of the application areas, these are available in maximum 3.65 mt of width.

Crimp Netting - BW57

Crimp Netting - BW58

Crimp Netting - BW59

Crimp Netting - BW60


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